FDBKA has a number of experienced beekeepers who are happy to give talks in the Fareham area and beyond; some of which are listed below along with their contact details.



  1. Different Asian Hornet talks including: General information, recognition, life cycle etc, the Hampshire AH Contingency Plan, what can we beekeepers do, Asian Hornet hunting in Jersey,
  2. Varroa: what it does to our bees, monitoring, treatment, Integrated Pest Management
  3. Pests and diseases: recognition, prevention, apiary hygiene,
  4. Swarming: the swarm countdown – early warning signs to watch out for, prevention, control, quarantining collected swarms,
  5. Queen rearing for beginners.

Non Beekeeping

  1. The Wines of the Loire Valley – can include tasting if required,
  2. The Falklands War – one man’s story.

Alan does not charge for talks but will claim mileage if the location is away from the Fareham area.

Contact details: E: alanbaxter@me.com  T: 0747896151

FDBKA members can add their details here by emailing the webmaster.