Becoming a Registered Member of FDBKA provides the following insurance cover.

Third Party Public & Products Liability Insurance from BBKA. This gives a beekeeper third party insurance when you are manipulating bees within any apiary.

Bee Diseases Insurance (BDI) provides insurance coverage specifically for beekeepers in England and Wales. The coverage offered by BDI compensates beekeepers who have had their colonies destroyed or treated by an NBU Bee Inspector as a result of being infected by a notifiable disease, currently European Foulbrood (EFB) and American Foulbrood (AFB).

In addition to disease coverage, BDI also has a contingency fund to compensate for colonies destroyed as a result of being infested by a notifiable pest, currently Small Hive Beetle (Aethina tumida) and Tropilaelaps, should they reach England or Wales.

It is important to note that only equipment destroyed is covered by this insurance, subject to the restrictions below, and the cost of replacement bees is not covered.

BDI offers two insurance schemes for beekeepers. As a member of FDBKA you are enrolled into Scheme A as long as you only have up to 39 colonies. Scheme B is for beekeepers who have 40+ colonies and can only be purchased directly from BDI.

Full details for what is covered can be found on the BDI Website with details of premiums and cover HERE.

Although the links above provide a detailed description of cover for each insurance, further supporting information is also available from the BBKA website