All our association and other beekeeping related events can be found here.

We are now preparing for the annual Bees & Honey Weekend to be held at Manor Farm on Saturday 13th July & Sunday 14h July.  This is the main summer event for FDBKA which we have been hosting for a number of years.  However, we do need volunteers to make this happen with details in our Members Only page.

Our final apiary meeting of 2024 is on Sunday 4th August with the details in our Members Only page.

Swarm List
Any member wishing to be included on the Starter Colony Scheme / Swarm List for 2024 contact Charles Bishop, preferably by email or 07368269491.

Titchfield Apiary
Members wishing to site a colony at our Ray & Jean Powell Centenary Apiary in Titchfield, or to report any issues, contact Steve Wilson, preferably by email or 07788997737.
The management of the apiary detailing the general rules can be found HERE.

BBKA Membership
FDBKA members are automatically members of BBKA which gives: 
* Public Liability Insurance (only when manipulating colonies), 
* Bee Diseases Insurance (covering equipment and honey only, not bees)
* Access to the BBKA members website pages. 
Your BBKA membership number is required to access the website and is available by emailing our membership secretary, Adrian Hopwood, if you do not know it.
Public Liability Insurance FAQ’s
BDI Premium & Cover

Association Meetings
For members that are unable to come to any of talks at our winter meetings we strive to provide notes here for them to view.

06-01-23 Ask the Panel   /   02-02-23 Asian Hornet 

02-03-23 Hive Products / 30-04-23 Paula’s apiary 

07-09-23 Honey Show prep + HBA Library & AH Update / 05-10-23 Insecticides

07-03-24 Sale of Equipment / 07-03-24 Overview

12-05-24 Apiary meeting hosted by Adrian Hopwood

Equipment Sales
We regularly receive donated items from retired beekeepers which we sell at discounted prices at our winter indoor meetings. Current availability and direct purchases can also be made by contacting our Membership Secretary via EMAIL. From the proceeds we make donations to the two bee charities Bees for Development and Bees Abroad.  We were able to donate £100 from our April’23 sale which was then doubled by the Green Match Challenge.

BeeCraft Discount Offer
FDBKA members can take advantage of a 23% discount on the cost of a subscription for digital and printed versions of the BeeCraft magazine. Details of how to apply are HERE.

Representation at Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association
HBA is a charity who’s objective is to ‘promote and further the craft of beekeeping in Hampshire and the education of the public therein’.

Alan Baxter is a HBA trustee.  As such he has a responsibility for managing and administering the charity within its committee.

Each local association is entitled to one HBA Rep for every 20 full members.  Unfortunately, FDBKA currently only has one Rep.  So, there are still 4 vacant positions to fill*. In reality Reps are only required to attend the online AGM in March, and any EGM called. Each rep has a vote at general meetings of HBA and their Roles & Responsibilities can be found HERE.
If FDBKA members wish to raise anything with HBA they can do so by contacting our representatives by email using the links below.

* Contact the secretary via email if you are interested in joining Chrissy as a HBA Rep.

HBA Library
FDBKA members can borrow books from the excellent HBA library located at The Sustainability Centre, Droxford Road, East Meon, GU32 1HR. Full details of how to contact the library and current catalogue can be found HERE.
See HERE for a Jan’24 message from the HBA librarian.

Charity Work
As an association we support the following bee charities:

Click logo’s for more information

Many FDBKA members do their own charity work.  See Alan Baxter and Adrian Hopwood Planking for the Alzheimer’s Society in their bee suits! (careful spell checking completed).

Zoom Talks
During the Covid restrictions many of our winter 2020/21 talks were via Zoom.  Click on the links below to hear these fascinating speakers again.

Rational Varroa Control by David Evans

Preparing Your Bees for Winter by Dave Bonner

Maximising Honey production by Pete Davies

Asian Hornet incursion in Gosport by Pete Davies

National Honey Monitoring Scheme
The National Honey Monitoring Scheme was set up in 2018 and uses techniques to identify plant DNA and measure environmental contaminants, such as pesticide residues in UK honey. 

A pilot study identified widespread residues of neonicotinoid pesticides in honey samples collected from across the UK. Greg Young took part in 2015, the analysis of which found imidacloprid (a neonicotinoid). His Titchfield apiary is close to commercial glass houses and a PYO farm, although it might have been picked up elsewhere.

FDBKA members are encouraged to register their interest in taking part by emailing the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) at The viability of the scheme relies on sufficient numbers of beekeepers taking part. 
Further details can be found on the National Honey Monitoring Scheme Website and the CEH website