The FDBKA mentoring programme is designed to support those starting out in beekeeping and to give those with more experience an opportunity to pass on their knowledge.  

It is not possible to match everyone due to considerations of area and the distance to travel. To update our list please email the mentoring coordinator if you are:-

  • mentoring
  • wish to become a mentor
  • would like to be mentored

If you do so, we will use the area in which you live to match you up with a mentor/mentee.

As is often the case, some of you may have teamed up with a mentor/mentee already. If so, do let us know, so that the list can be updated.

Finally a word to any prospective mentors-

Please use the BBKA Basic Assessment Syllabus as a starting point for mentorship. This will support new beekeepers to take the basic exam later on if they wish. The link to the syllabus can be found HERE