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A swarm of bees seem to delight in making it difficult for a beekeeper to retrieve them. This swarm was 20ft up a tree and directly over a pond!


Question: How many beekeepers does it take to light a smoker? Answer = 4 + a blow torch A Laughing Emoji with tears over Blue Surface

An excellent day at the Titchfield Fayre on 5th May…despite the wet weather!


Swarm season has started; one in Titchfield Common & another in Stubbington

BBKA Spring Convention held at the Harper Adams University, nr Telford

Images from a very interesting talk by Rachel Monger about her experiences and the work that the charity Bees Abroad does in Africa


The FDBKA Topper proudly on display in Titchfield village

Images seen by Pete Wilson in New Zealand including bees on a Manuka bush


An impressive display and superb talk from Andy Willis on Maximising your Beeswax Harvest


Members enjoying a fascinating talk from Dan Basterfield on Simple Queen Rearing